When you think of an indoor playground, you immediately think of crowds, loud children, bad food and a smell that will haunt your entire weekend. A place where you don’t want to be, unless you’re a parent. And even then, it’s questionable.




So we created the opposite.

Many things come to mind when describing this bistro concept but the most unique feature of all is without a doubt, the soundproof wall. The only way we could create a valuable hospitality area where parents could “relax and “enjoy” a lunch or tasty snack, was to divide the area into two – a play area and a hospitality area.

A soundproof see-through wall was constructed so parents could still keep an eye on their kids and keep a connection from a distance. The 8-metre-high ceiling was acoustically flocked to prevent the decibels from rising.

This bistro concept came to life with a brand identity.
“De Kom” is derived from the Dutch verb “komen”, which means “to come”. It refers to the three main activities you can do at the playground: 'come play', 'come eat' and 'come drink'.

Not only does the name refer to the verb "to come", it also means "bowl". So we decided all food dishes should be presented in all sorts of different bowls.


In order to create a cosy experience, light woods and green fabrics were used for the furniture in order to bring the feeling of nature indoors. The basic colours are blue and yellow ochre. Throughout the bistro, these colours recur in the benches, chairs and cushions. Bright blue, the brand colour, was used as an accent and pop of colour throughout the bistro.

Scope of work

concept design / branding / interior design / build




Tremelo — Belgium


De Kinderplaneet